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Hobbies make money

Join amateur crafters who have what it takes to turn their passion into businesses, starting on Britbox this week.

How to turn a hobby into a business? Express from UK screens, Make It At Market sees Dominic Chinea from The Repair Shop working with a team of business and craft experts to help a group of budding entrepreneurs fulfil their potential and make a living from their crafting talents on season 1, streaming on Britbox.

Filmed in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside, the show sees amateur hobbyists facing a number of challenges that will determine if they have what it takes to turn their sideline into a business in the real world while shaping their business plans. The inspiring journeys of an eclectic mix of amateur crafters drawn from across the UK, from potters, blacksmiths and weavers to woodworkers, jewellers and furniture makers, passionate and extraordinary with a desire to change their life.

  • Season 1 begins streaming on Britbox on Thursday, 2 February 2023.
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