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Expect these innovations on smartphones in 2022

Key innovations can be expected from a smartphone in 2022, writes LIAM FAURIE, head of go-to markets and operations of Oppo South Africa.

Smartphone technology is about to get a whole lot smarter in 2022, partly in response to the remote and hybrid working models that have evolved over the past two years, and partly in response to the global explosion in social media usage.

Supported by the rollout of 5G technology, which will provide a quantum leap in reliability and connectivity, new smartphones coming onto the market will deliver a host of innovative features, including enhanced camera and video technology for users of platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Triller. The capacity to engage in social networks using virtual and augmented reality features will, in particular, be a key drawcard for the core 18-to-35 market.

Oppo believes groundbreaking products coming to market this year will not only deliver a host of new features and benefits like these, but they will also continue to secure the position of the smartphone as the point at which all intelligent networking platforms converge.  

Evolving technologies like foldable devices, under-display cameras and flash chargers are fundamentally changing the way in which whole societies innovate, collaborate and live. That means it’s not just about making cutting-edge devices, it’s also about delivering integrated technologies that provide a seamless, natural and interactive experience for the user

In line with this, our vision at Oppo is to be a sustainable company that offers world-leading products and services as well as one that contributes to the making of a better world. And in 2022, we intend to set new benchmarks for the way in which people all over the world interact, both now and in the future.

In keeping with our 3+N+X technology development strategy, Oppo is focusing on developing the ‘3’ fundamental capabilities of hardware, software and cloud services. This is supported by development in the ‘N’ category of esseNtial technologies, such as interconnectivity, security, privacy and multimedia. And then there’s the ‘X’ factor: the blow-your-hair-back innovations, like new device concepts, flash charging, augmented reality, enhanced imaging, longer battery life and more.  

Buoyed by the global rollout of 5G, major advances in AI and the warp-speed development of the Internet of Things (IoT), a whole new generation of smartphones is set to change our lives forever. Watch this space.

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