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Neo pad balances affordability with utility

The Oppo Pad Neo promises to enhance productivity and excels in durability, writes ANGELIQUE MOGOTLANE.

What is it?

The Oppo Pad Neo is a mid-range tablet that emphasises a large display, long battery life, and durability. 

In today’s tech-centric environment, our devices are like extensions of ourselves. Tablets and smartphones have become crucial tools for managing schedules and staying connected. The Neo Tab shows that a decent tablet experience doesn’t have to break the bank, as budget tablets are cost-effective yet reliable companions for getting things done efficiently.

The Oppo Pad Neo features a large round rear camera, which not only looks sleek but also adds a layer of protection. The mirror finish on the back of the tablet adds a touch of modesty and style.

The curved edges aren’t just for aesthetics; they enhance the tablet’s durability. When accidents happen (because they do), and the tablet falls, the impact is evenly spread, reducing the risk of cracks or damage. Plus, it gives the tablet a modern, stylish look.

In terms of convenience, the USB Type-C port makes charging relatively easy, as most phones utilise it. Charging is also efficient with the 33W SUPERVOOC charger, providing rapid charging and long-lasting battery life.

The tablet is easy to carry around and fits snugly into a bag. However, using it outdoors on a scorching summer day can be tricky due to screen visibility issues. I went outside to try to take a few pictures, and found that it does not easily adapt to sunny conditions. However, it’s great to use indoors.

While the camera isn’t the tablet’s strongest suit, with 8 MP image quality that tends to be softer compared to higher-end devices, it does reasonably well in adequate sunlight and background for nicer images. However, pictures may appear blurred when zoomed in. Tablets aren’t primarily for photography, but they’re handy for quick shots when needed. The tablet’s camera design sees it positioned in the middle, in a circular shape resembling the size of a coin, adding to its aesthetic appeal. 

Also adding to its aesthetics are quad speakers, giving immersive sound. With Dolby Atmos  it provides a spatial surround sound experience that makes one want to listen to more music. 

The tablet uses a  MediaTek Helio G99 chipset that ensures fast performance, and is updated with Android 13, keeping up with its overall competitors.

The gaming enthusiast will see the Oppo Pad Neo offering a balance between performance and battery life. Navigating through games is smooth, and motion graphics are fast. The battery lifespan is good, but this depends on usage, as intense gaming sessions may cause it to feel a bit sluggish after extensive use and drains the battery faster. 

Multitasking is seamless with the tablet’s split-view and flexible windows, adding to its practicality. It is TUV Rheinland tested and certified for eye protection and safety, ensuring prolonged use without straining the eyes.

Why does it matter?

Tablets are essential for doing work, school projects and for gaming and watching audio visuals. They assist in getting the job done very quickly and enhance user experience. In a nutshell, the tablet offers a decent package for its price, excelling in durability, gaming and productivity, while making some compromises in camera quality and outdoor usability.

What does it cost?

The Oppo Pad Neo retails for R6,999 in South Africa.

 What are the biggest negatives?

  • Image quality is not the greatest.
  • The Oppo Pad Neo does not support connecting with Oppo’s official Pen or Keyboard
  • The smart case is sold separately
  • It can be sluggish after extensive use

What are the biggest positives?

  • Charges quickly
  • Wider screen
  • Immersive sound
  • Supports MicroSD Card
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