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CES: GraphAudio showcases 100% graphene speakers

At CES in Las Vegas this week, GraphAudio is showcasing speakers made entirely out of graphene to produce high-fidelity sound.



GraphAudio, an acoustic platform that transforms electrostatic micro-speakers and microphones in mobile, consumer and enterprise electronics, debuts its proprietary 100% graphene speakers at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week. 

For demo purposes, the technology will be implemented in an earbud, amplifier, and microphone. 

While others have implemented graphene flakes or fragmented components of graphene, because of its patent-protected technology, GraphAudio is the first company to produce a transducer made of pure graphene, and at a fraction of the weight, thickness, and electrical usage of traditional dynamic speakers.

Provided by GraphAudio

“Our pure graphene-powered speakers create a high-fidelity audio experience you have to hear to believe,” says Ramesh Ramchandani, CEO of GraphAudio. “GraphAudio is the only company that can deliver a pure graphene transducer for acoustics and we believe its superior performance has the opportunity to establish a new global standard in audio, setting the stage for development and commercialisation of a wide range of applications beyond high-definition sound, including echolocation, ultrasonic sensing, and near-field communications.”

The GraphAudio speaker, developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, recreates the sound of a live musical performance with accurate bass reproductions, allowing listeners to identify single instruments, even in an orchestra of many. GraphAudio says there is nothing commercially available today that can deliver this acoustic experience.

GraphAudio invites conference attendees to experience the sound produced by its pure graphene-powered speaker technology at CES in Suite 10306 at The Venetian until January 10.