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CES: Femtech goes big in 2020

From high-tech breast pumps, to makeup printers, female health technology has exploded at CES in Las Vegas this year, writes BRYAN TURNER



CES hasn’t always been a feasible space for female sexual health. In 2019, sexual health brand Lora DiCarlo was awarded a CES Innovation Award in the Robotics and Drone category, which was quickly rescinded. The blunder showed that CES was willing to have sex dolls for men and VR pornography experiences, but wasn’t willing to showcase female sexual health products.
This quickly changed. This year, sexual health products – of all kinds – are included in the Health and Wellness category. 

In 2017 at CES, Lioness showcased its first vibrator that uses patented biofeedback technology to help you improve your sex life.

At CES 2020, it will be showcasing the Lioness Generation 2, which provides AI-assisted guidance, based on years of working with Lioness customers, analysing data on 30 000+ orgasms, conducting dozens of user studies, and incorporating the latest machine-learning developments.

Lioness says this creates personalised tools so people can learn what works best for them, gain new insights, and improve their pleasure (and yes, that includes better orgasms).

This device is suited for those who have questions like “is this an orgasm?” or “how do I have an orgasm?”. Lioness says this may help users answer these kinds of questions. It may also provide a way of seeing where they might be getting close to orgasm over time and track when and what circumstances felt better for them. 

Ultimately, these insights can be used to apply what is learned to enjoy better sex and orgasms by users or their partners.

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