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CES 2021: ‘Solar EV for the masses’

Sono Motors is set to show off its latest prototype after a year spent developing it.

Solar technology electric vehicle (EV) company Sono Motors will launch the next generation prototype of the Sion, its “Solar EV for the masses”, at CES 2021.

Marking one year since it closed one of Europe’s largest crowdfunding campaigns, Sono Motors is showcasing the product of the work carried out throughout 2020. The Sion claims the lowest total cost of ownership in its class at an estimated gross price point of €25,500 and has received more than 12,600 pre-orders to date. In a nod to automotive trailblazers of the past, the Sion aims to embody the idea of affordability, convenience, and accessibility in a one-size-fits-all package.

“This vision is powered by our proprietary Sono Solar Technology, which replaces traditional paint with integrated solar panels that harvest clean, renewable, free energy,” said Mathieu Baudrit, director of photovoltaic integration at Sono Motors. “With a boundless range of potential applications, Sono Solar Technology is a seamless, flexible and lightweight solution for efficient electric charging.”

This will be Sono Motors’ first time presenting at CES. CES 2021 will be held in a completely digital format from 11 – 14 January 2021 and will feature more than 1,000 exhibitors from across the globe.

To watch the Sono Motors Live Session, the details are as follows:

  • 12 January – Trailblazing Mobility: The Solar EV of the Future @ 1:45-2:15PM EST (8:45 – 9:15PM CAT)
  • 13 January – Garage to Global Innovation: Is SEV the new SUV? @ 1:45-2:15PM EST
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