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Canon creates ‘smart camera’ for consumers

The new Canon PowerShot PX enables users to leave the camera on a shelf while it automatically detects and intelligently captures good candid moments.



Canon has revealed the PowerShot PX, a small smart camera, which automatically captures high-quality 11.7MP images and 60p Full HD video. The camera’s smart features such as automatic capture of still imagery and video will assist users with capturing better moments from situations.

From family photographers to gadget-lovers, this new camera incorporates smart functionality to document social events. With automatic capture and priority shooting, Canon’s smart algorithm enables better photography from non-professional photographers.

When a user wants to capture a moment and be in the shot, this camera can help without the need of a self timer: it can detect good shots of candid moments, or take pictures via voice command.

It features USB-C charging and built-in Wi-Fi – which enable the camera to link to smart devices. With intelligent facial recognition features, it uses auto-subject searching to keep people in the frame and capture photos that otherwise might have been missed. Its 19-57mm focal length range and flexible pan-and-tilt zoom lens offers a broad field of view of 340˚ horizontally and 110˚ vertically to follow the action.

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