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Blue Control can save your eyes

Looking at screens all day? Experts say the blue light emitted from screens is harmful to one’s eyes.

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Hours spent in front of computers at work, quick glances at our phones when it pings for our attention and home on the couch to watch Netflix. Screen time is at an all-time high. 

The average office worker spends about 40% of their waking hours looking at screens and this number is increasing as the need to stay connected and work longer hours is an essential part of modern day living. 

The reality is that too much screen time is tough on our eyes. Digital eye strain is a condition caused by the use of electronics that emit harmful blue light. These gadgets that we have welcomed into our day-to-day routines have been proven to cause medical issues that we need to be aware of to help us better manage our eye health. 

These include blurry vision, sore and tired eyes, eye irritation, headaches, and neck and back pain. Technology and the pace of change are not slowing down any time soon, so we need to equip ourselves with eyewear that is designed to protect us from digital eye strain. 

Digital screen technology has advanced across all the devices we regularly use, and the majority of today’s devices use LED back-lighting to deliver enhanced brightness and clarity. The catch is that these screens emit powerful blue light waves. Human eyes are particularly sensitive to blue light. It is confirmed to be the most dangerous light for our retinas, and continued exposure to it could cause serious damage to your vision.

Fouche du Raan, clinical optometrist at Execuspecs East London, says: “The increasing number of patients, who are complaining of eye strain due to blue light, is staggering. Blue Control lenses are more a necessity than an option for customers to consider. Especially when we factor in how much more screen-time mobile phones adds to our day. ”

The introduction of Blue Control helps users limit their blue light intake by placing the film over lenses. It is a blue light filter that is built into the material of optical lenses. It neutralises blue light emitted by digital devices, as well as fluorescent and LED lighting. Execuspecs says this coating enhances one’s contrast and colour perception and helps prevent digital eye strain. It also acts as a protective barrier for lenses, making them resistant to scratches, water, grease and dirt.