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New season unearthed for ‘Deep Rock Galactic’

‘Season 05: Drilling Deeper’ will feature a new mission type, and startling new enemies.

A new season for Deep Rock Galactic, a co-op mining shooter game, is launching on 13 June for PC, and for console two weeks later. Season 05: Drilling Deeper features a new mission type, cosmetics, and startling enemies.

A glimpse of these enemies can be seen in a season teaser. Along with new dangers, upcoming updates include new weapon Overclocks, dance moves, free Performance Pass, and DLC.

The Order of the Deep cosmetic pack will also become available. It includes armour frameworks with capes, matching helmets, paintjob for all weapons, as well as the Bosco framework with cape and pickaxe paintjob.

With the new mission type, players will journey to the centre of Hoxxes IV, where dwarves must overcome hordes of devastating bugs in an action-packed elevator ride, hoping to come home with precious resources—and hopefully, their beards still intact.

Mission Control is providing the opportunity to revisit past seasons. One will be able to work through previous Performance Passes, jump into season specific events, and battle past enemies.

  • * Visit the ‘Deep Rock Galactic’ website here.
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