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Detective inspector Annika returns

The BritBox detective drama series continues in season two, premiering on the streaming service today.

Known for its sharp wit and enigmatic protagonist, Annika continues to follow detective inspector Annika Strandhed as she leads the Marine Homicide Unit (MHU) in a new season of the detective drama series.

Premiering today (21 December), it features the return of Nicola Walker (The SplitUnforgotten) as Strandhed, the series is based on the BBC Radio 4 drama created by Nick Walker.

The MHU is a specialised team tasked with investigating unexplained and brutal murders discovered in the waterways of Scotland. The role of detective sergeant Michael McAndrews continues to be played by Jamie Sives (GuiltFrontier).

Strandhed breaks the fourth wall in the show’s narrative style as she shares her wry observations on the cases at hand and provides insights into her life, managing both her unconventional team and her complex teenage daughter, portrayed by Silvie Furneaux (Limbo).

The new season features 6 episodes, each about 50 minutes long. It picks up at the end of season one, where Annika reveals to her daughter who her father is. The pressure intensifies on the detective and the team after a phone containing a recording of a brutal drowning is handed into police headquarters.

The second season of Annika is being released exclusively on BritBox.

* Watch season two of ‘Annika’ here.

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