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African superheroes return

Members of Supa Team 4 face new challenges in the second season of the Zambian-based series, streaming on Netflix.

The second season of Netflix’s first African animated series, Supa Team 4, hit the small screens yesterday (21 December). Representing a foray into Africanfuturism, this series unfolds the adventures of four ordinary teenage girls in the futuristic Zambian city of Lusaka, deftly balancing the challenges of school life with the extraordinary responsibility of safeguarding the world.

Under the guidance of Mama K, a retired secret agent operating on a modest budget and a heart of gold, these super-powered teens tackle diverse missions, ranging from thwarting supervillains to grappling with everyday issues such as friendship dynamics and academic pressures. Mama K is voiced by Linda Sokhulu.

The dynamic team includes:

  • Zowa Ngwira as Komana/K-bongo, a brilliant inventor who creates a carbon capture machine.
  • Namisa Mdlalose as Monde/M-kozo, a girl who is close with her sister, and deemed “bringer of peace” by Mama K.
  • Kimani Arthur as Temwe/T-Mlilo, an excitable girl who has a ribbon wand as a weapon.
  • Nancy Sekhokoane as Zee/Ze-Mpezi, a star on the football team at Kamiji Secondary School.

Season 2 propels the Supa Team into confrontations with formidable threats while navigating the intricacies of adolescence alongside their heroic responsibilities. The series maintains its stellar voice cast, featuring luminaries such as John Kani from Black Panther, and acclaimed South African actors Tshamano Sebe and Pamela Nomvete.

At MIPCOM’s 2023 Diversify TV Awards, Supa Team 4 was nominated for Representation of Diversity in Kids Programming – Older Children. It is a Common Sense Media Selection, with a four-star rating that calls it “a lively, action-packed intro to Africanfuturism.”

The second season of Supa Team 4 is available for streaming on Netflix now.

* Watch ‘Supa Team 4’ here.

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