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Acer goes into battle with eye-popping gamer machines

New Helios Predator and Nitro gaming notebooks unveiled this week promise to equip gamers with tools to dominate the battlefield

Acer has pumped the most eye-popping features and capabilities currently possible into a new range of gaming machines launched in New York yesterday.

The company announced the latest additions to the Predator Helios and Nitro gaming laptop series at the company’s annual next@acer global press conference in the up-and-coming Brooklyn suburb. 

“Brooklyn has become more and more diverse, it’s an area that is up and coming, and it represents new lifestyles,” said Acer CEO Jason Chen. “Our theme this year is turning a new chapter for creativity.”

The highpoint of the event was the unveiling of a new sub-brand, ConceptD, geared towards professional creatives. However, the gaming devices earned the biggest oohs and aahs.

Acer unveiled two new Predator Helios gaming notebooks, both running on Windows 10. The new Predator Helios 700 includes a HyperDrift keyboard that slides forward, allowing increased airflow directly through the top of the notebook, enabling gamers to push the powerful components to their highest potential. The redesigned Predator Helios 300 includes a sleek modern look and is powered by either up to an NVIDIA GeForce RT 2070 with Max-Q Design, or the latest GeForce GTX GPUs, yet still retains its budget-friendly price tag. It’s well-suited for task-heavy computing, as its high-end hardware provides the performance needed for gaming, streaming, and video and photo editing.

“Continuing to deliver best-in-class performance, gamers can look to Acer’s Predator Helios line for powerful and affordable gaming notebooks,” said James Lin, General Manager for the Notebooks and IT Product Business. “They are innovative, future-proof and reliable thanks to advanced thermal technologies that keep them cool during intense gaming sessions.”

“With the new 9th Gen Intel Core processors we have taken another big step forward in delivering premium performance and platform features powering the world’s best gaming laptops,” said Steven Long, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Group and General Manager, Client Computing Group sales, Intel. “The new Predator Helios laptops are a great example of the years of close collaboration between Acer and Intel to help raise the bar on the capabilities gamers and creators should expect in a laptop.”

“It’s great to see Acer bring such a wide portfolio of gaming devices designed to meet the needs of so many different types of gamers with their new Predator and Nitro series offerings,” said Mark Linton, General Manager, Consumer and Device Sales, Microsoft Corp. “Acer continues to innovate and bring great gaming experiences to market for consumers.”

Click here for detailed specs of the new Predator Helios and Nitro machines.

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