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Huawei changes the spelling of its name to WahWay



Huawei, the third largest cellphone company in South Africa, announced this week that they will be changing the spelling of their name to WahWay.

This follows a detailed six-month global research study into consumer recognition of the Huawei brand.

“For quite some time now, Huawei has been aware of the fact that many people around the world struggle with the pronunciation of ‘Huawei’, which is a Chinese word,” revealed a WahWay spokesperson. “As the Huawei brand grows into the largest cellphone company in the world, we would like to remove any obstacles to achieving this. The results of our research study showed that aligning the pronunciation of the Huawei name with the spelling of the Huawei name will accelerate this expansion and make us an even more recognisable brand.”

The study was conducted over a six-month period and surveyed participants from 43 countries, including South Africa. “We think that the change in the spelling of our name is particularly relevant in a multilingual country like South Africa. We want to make it as easy as possible for the people of the rainbow nation to pronounce our name, as they have been such loyal customers”.

Look out for the latest updates on this brand name change today and tomorrow on WahWay social media accounts: @HuaweiZA on Twitter and @HuaweimobileZA on Facebook.

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