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2019’s top gaming platforms



It comes as no surprise that PCs hold the highest support from developers, as 66% of about 4000 developers state that they currently develop for PCs. On top of this, 60% of these respondents said that they were interested in developing games for PCs.

The PlayStation 4 is still a top priority for developers of all the consoles, as 31% of respondents are currently working on PlayStation games. A further 38% of respondents were interested in developing games for Sony’s platform.

The Nintendo Switch, the new handheld-hybrid console by the company, holds large developer interest, at 45%, but far less actual development, at 18%. This is clearly due to how young the console is, as its competitors have been in the market for over twice its current lifetime.

Apart from the usual platforms, i.e. PC and console, mobile devices have received significant interest and real development from developers when compared to the other categories. 38% of respondents are currently working on mobile games, higher than for any of the consoles, and 33% are interested in developing for mobile. This may be due to the large market of those who can play mobile games and low costs associated with distribution, compared to other platforms.

While VR and AR platforms hold high interest from developers, the trend is not currently being catered for, with some of the lowest current development figures of all the platforms. 

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