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ZTE strengthens LTE router security

New ZTE MF286 routers support Irdeto’s Trusted Home solution, enabling users to strengthen their home Wi-Fi security.



The new ZTE MF286R and MF286C LTE routers now support Irdeto’s Trusted Home solution, which provides an AI-driven security platform that enables a safer connected experience. The new devices also incorporate the benefits of a stationary router with the versatility of a mobile Wi-Fi router.

They support the latest network standards primarily LTE Advanced (aggregation of two bands, downloading at speeds up to 300 Mb/s). Over the Wi-Fi network, they support the 802.11ac standard (2×2 MIMO, or up to 867 Mb/s). There are four Gigabit Ethernet ports, a USB 2.0 port for connecting a USB drive for file sharing, as well as an analogue telephone line connector for ADSL fallback.

Trusted Home by Irdeto and Minim provides network-level threat detection and remote troubleshooting features for top call issues, which allows one’s internet service provider (ISP) to help solve problems when a user can’t. Irdeto says this improves customer retention while lowering operating expenses from in-person call-outs by as much as 50%.

Users can also access features like parental controls, ad blocking, privacy settings, and security alerts.

“In our pursuit to bring more innovative and competitive products to our customer, we are happy to announce the partnership with Irdeto in Trusted Home solution,” says Jerry Zhou, chairperson of ZTE South Africa. “Our team is very pleased to partner with Irdeto. Combining our expertise and experience in equipment with Irdeto’s impressive platform, gives operators the ability to offer a competitive product to their own customers.”

The ZTE MF286R is available at MTN, while the MF286C is available from major ISPs like Afrihost, Vox, and Mweb.