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VMware backs faster SD-WAN

Despite the cancellation of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, VMware kept to its event schedule, showing off a faster solution for SD-WAN in Barcelona – and one which may also cut costs for businesses.



In Barcelona this week, VMware showcased how VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud can help service providers’ customers achieve faster WAN deployments, lower costs and improve application and network performance compared to their existing WAN. 

The solution has been chosen by thousands of customers spanning more than 175,000 branch office locations in more than 170 countries. 

One of the clients is HNTB, an American design firm with resources to architect, engineer and manage large construction projects across the U.S. and around the world. 

“HNTB was looking for a more flexible network connectivity solution when standing up remote offices and construction sites to support each new project, ranging from sports facilities and airports, to tunnels and bridges,” says Larry Cummings, director of technology operations at HNTB. “The faster we can get going onsite, and the more efficient we can be, the faster we can begin our projects. 

“Working with Sprint, we identified VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud as an alternative to private networking for cost-effectively re-architecting our wide-area network architecture to support our over 100 U.S. offices and onsite locations. Sprint’s innovative approach, responsiveness and total commitment to our success, combined with the recommended VMware SD-WAN solution, has reduced set up time for new construction sites, reduced overall networking costs and improved application performance and users experience.”

VMware provided the following information on objectives and benefits of the VMware SD-WAN solution provides to customers:

Driving WAN Transformation: Available as-a-service through over 100 service providers around the world or deployed fully on-premises, VMware SD-WAN delivers optimal application and cloud access, more securely and reliably, through a unique hyperscale model built on a network of more than 2,000 cloud gateways across 100+ points of presence around the world. With VMware’s hyperscale SD-WAN solution, customers can achieve rapid speed of deployment, improved application performance, better network resiliency and simplified WAN operations.

Tapping a Network of Cloud Services: VMware SD-WAN empowers enterprises to take advantage of a globally-available Network of Cloud Services to drive their businesses. VMware SD-WAN Cloud Gateways provide the first hop for all traffic into the Network of Cloud Services made up of leading destination public clouds such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, as well as leading application, security and analytics service clouds. This Network of Cloud Services spans both VMware services and best-in-class partner services, delivered from the cloud dynamically based on business policy and network conditions occurring at that instant of time.

Evolving Secure Connectivity Services Landscape
: VMware SD-WAN meets service providers’ branch routing and firewall needs today with the industry’s most advanced SASE (Secure Access Services Edge) solution. VMware provides a global, multi-service cloud network that extends from on-premises to cloud to edge to end user, and integrated network security capabilities delivered by VMware SD-WAN. On-premises, built-in SD-WAN branch firewall capabilities enable simple policy definition, improved performance, and logging to meet stringent enterprise security requirements. The VMware SD-WAN branch firewall provides customers both built-in security features and automated, policy-based access to partners’ advanced security services including URL filtering, secure web gateway, anti-X capabilities, cloud access security brokers (CASB) and web isolation.

The Path to 5G
: VMware is also partnering in an industry-leading effort to bring the combined power of 5G and SD-WAN to businesses worldwide, to give companies the ability to remain connected to their SD-WAN networks at high speeds and lower latencies.