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First look at Unseen

The production team behind Blood & Water has delivered a new six-part crime thriller.

Who is Zenzi Mwale? Netflix’s new six-part crime thriller Unseen narrates the story of nondescript domestic worker who goes in search of her missing husband and comes up against powerful and violent criminals. Her reaction to the immense and immediate danger she faces is not as timid as she seems.

The gripping series, set to premiere on Netflix on 29 March 2023 is produced by Gambit Films, the production house behind Blood & Water.

Starring Gail Mabalane as Zenzi Mwale, the series includes South African actors Rapulana Seiphemo, Vuyo Dabula, Colin Moss, Shimmy Isaacs and Dineo Langa. 

Gail Mabalane as Zenzi Mwale, a domestic worker who crosses paths with criminals and gangsters while searching for her missing husband.


Zenzi Mwale hides behind her identity as an unremarkable cleaning lady while desperately searching for her husband after he is released from prison.

Cast & Crew

Production company: Gambit Films 

Creator: Adaptation Created by Travis Taute and Daryne Joshua

Director: Travis Taute,Rolisizwe Nikiwe, Twiggy Matiwana

Executive producer: Bradley Joshua 

Producers: Benjamin Overmeyer

Writer:Sean Drummond, Meesha Aboo and Tristram Atkins

Key Cast: 

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