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Cogs turn as ‘Torchlight’ shines again

Meeting Alice 451, the enigmatic club owner of the Clockwork Ballet, marks the start of a new quest.

The new season of the action role-playing game Torchlight: Infinite, titled Clockwork Ballet, releases today (4 July 2024). Step into season five’s Netherrealm and meet Alice 451, the enigmatic club owner of the Clockwork Ballet. She offers players a unique member service to kick off the club challenge.

Once the challenge begins, one’s mission is to locate Gears scattered across the map within a limited time. As one approach each Gear, it will automatically activate, summoning a mechanical Doll. Defeat these Dolls to earn Gear Vouchers.

After completing the challenge, turn in Gear Vouchers at the end of the stage to receive final rewards. One’s performance rating will determine the multiplier applied to your basic rewards, making each Gear Voucher more valuable.

The new talent system, Void Chart includes a Clockwork Talents constellation tailored for the Clockwork Ballet gameplay. Hunters can use these talent strategies to boost their efficiency and rewards in this gameplay mode.

Unlock the ultimate challenge by reaching Netherrealm’s Timemark 8 and activating the season-exclusive Clockwork Ball Ticket talent node. This unlocks the chance to encounter the Iron Curtain of Eminence portal, which will replace the previous stage’s season-exclusive gameplay. Enter the portal to face off against the formidable Seasonal Boss, the Silverwing Danseuse.

A new hero trait, Carino – Zealot of War, will also be available.

Torchlight: Infinite is developed and published by XD. It is available on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. It features versatile hero customisation, loot grinding, intense battles, and challenging boss encounters.

Ahead of the release, a preview was livestreamed that included gameplay demonstrations, insights into new content, and opportunities to win exclusive in-game rewards. The YouTube video is available here.

* Visit the ‘Torchlight: Infinite’ website here.

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