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Get rocking with ‘Battleaxes and Ballads’

The new album, based on the soundtrack of the‘RuneScape’ game, features songs remixed in heavy metal style.

The soundtrack of a popular multiplayer role-playing game has been turned into a heavy metal-style album containing classic tracks.

Jagex, in collaboration with Laced Records and Regen Audio, has released the RuneScape: Battleaxes and Ballads album, featuring ten remixed classic tracks from the massively multiplayer online roleplaying gam,e Old School RuneScape (OSRS).

The album, composed by Mykel Dunn, includes iconic tunes from the OSRS, a game in which players explore a vast world, fight monsters, and complete quests. Featured songs include Autumn VoyageScape Main, and Sea Shanty 2 among others.

One can order the RuneScape: Battleaxes and Ballads vinyl LP, which comes on a solid red, heavyweight disc with pixel art by OceanBytes on the outer and inner sleeves. A free digital download of the album is included with the purchase.

RuneScape: Battleaxes and Ballads is available on several streaming platforms, as well as on YouTube with accompanying pixel art.

* Order the vinyl here.

* Listen to RuneScape: Battleaxes and Ballads here.

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