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Tennis World Tour 2 – Out now

The new Tennis World Tour 2 game is out now on PS4, Xbox One, while the Nintendo Switch version is set to release later this month.



The new tennis-simulation game, Tennis World Tour 2, offers several new features and improvements over the first game to give players an immersive experience. The card system is back and is angled more around gameplay.  

With 5 cards available at the beginning of the match, the player will need to think tactically and use them at key moments: increased stamina, a more precise service, or the reduction of the competitor’s power by some points, these are crucial in swinging a close match.  

The career mode of Tennis World Tour 2 lets players manage every aspect of their career on their journey to become rank 1: from the choice of appearance, to staff recruitment, and the organisation of each season, leave nothing to chance if you want to win points and advance to the most prestigious tournaments. 
The pace of the game has been improved by the addition of our precision return mechanic. Correctly understanding the rhythm of the rally will allow players to optimise the power and precision of their returns. There are also several types of courts available, which influence both the ball and the players. 

With more realistic gameplay and the chance to play as the biggest tennis stars in world-famous competitions, Tennis World Tour 2 is a simulation that provides gamers and tennis fans a realistic virtual court to play on.   

Tennis World Tour 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and will be available on Nintendo Switch on 29 October.