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Survival Mastery comes to PUBG

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) today received its version 4.3 update, which rewards players for surviving in each match.



PUBG Corporation has released its latest update to PC live servers. Update 4.3 brings a new method of tracking progression to players in a feature called Survival Mastery, which rewards players for their survival skills in each match. A detailed review of each combat encounter can also be viewed to see how players and their squadmates performed across the battle.

Survival Mastery also introduces the PUBG ID, a new way to show your survival accomplishments when interacting with other players. This allows players to customise their name plates, emblems, and even their character’s pose to make a PUBG ID tailored to the player.

For players looking to get into the spirit of the season, frighteningly fun Halloween costumes have also hit the Battlegrounds. Costume pieces can be purchased individually or as a set at a spooktacular 33% discount. The not-so-cowardly Leo costume is also available, using hard-earned BP tokens. These costumes are available for a limited time.

Update 4.3 also has a new crate weapon: the double-barrelled, pump-action, DBS shotgun. It holds 14 shells and is able to fire off two shots per second, making it ideal for close combat. There are a variety of other changes and bug fixes in Update 4.3, so check out the full patch notes here for more details. Update 4.3 is out now PC live servers today.