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Street Fighter 6 announced

The latest instalment to the Street Fighter franchise will focus more on esports and competitive gameplay.

Capcom today announced that Street Fighter 6, the latest title in the Street Fighter series, is currently in production.

Street Fighter was first released as an arcade game in 1987, followed by the smash-hit Street Fighter II in 1991. Its innovative battle system has brought together a massive audience, establishing the fighting game genre and driving cumulative total shipments for the series over time to 47 million units worldwide. Today, more than 35 years since Street Fighter first debuted, the series still enjoys immense popularity. Further, in recent years the series has increased its presence by driving the fighting game genre in esports.

Street Fighter 6 will be the newest title in the series and the sequel to Street Fighter V, which has shipped 6.1 million units. Capcom is developing the title with the aim of elevating the fighting game genre to a new level in the world of esports while also utilising its cutting-edge development technology to produce a rich game experience. Capcom says it will release more details about the game’s content and release will be shared at a later date.

What the company did reveal, however, is a release date for the Capcom Fighting Collection: 24 June 2022. This game leverages the rich library of content that the company has built up in the fighting game genre over its history. In addition to featuring the Darkstalkers series and the first home console and PC version of Red Earth, the title brings together a total of 10 popular games including Hyper Street Fighter II, aiming to further grow the user base by expanding the company’s fighting game brands overall.

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