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Steampunk epic gets patched up

Huge improvements to the fantasy RPG ‘Dark Envoy’, inspired by players, go live today.

Recently launched fantasy CRPG (computer role-playing game) Dark Envoy has received a huge patch om response to player demands.

In the process, the game’s creator, Event Horizon, has also created more content and depth to the adventure.

Three massive “hotfixes” and Patch 1.1 were released within the game’s first week in the market, addressing common technical problems. Now, 1.2 is the biggest patch yet for the steampunk fantasy. 

This will lead to substantial quality-of-life features. Most notably, the gameplay experience will be a heavy focus on balancing, covering skills, enemies, and tactical environment while adding new content. A DPS testing ground and a challenge arena with handcrafted combat scenarios will test the player’s party-building skills to the limit. 

“It might sound like the obvious thing to do, but we genuinely wanted to create a game for the players to enjoy,” says Event Horizon CEO Krzysztof Monkiewicz. “The community feedback was an integral part of the development process of our first game, Tower of Time. We believe we have a unique game here and won’t give up; we will continue to fight.”

Full Update list:

– Added Challenge Arena (requested by community)

– Added Training Room for testing out custom builds 

– Removed “Jankiness” from animations – various and massive fixes to combat and cutscenes

– Improved graphics in dungeons and cleaned up combat visuals to make it much more tactical, less hack’n’slash gameplay

– Improved graphic quality of in-game cutscenes

– Gameplay balancing to incorporate community feedback gathered so far

– Updates to classes and specializations – change or upgrade least favorite spells

– Improved enemy AI

– Over 30 major and small Quality of Life features requested by the community –

 – Ability to respec skills, expanded combat summary statistics, two new tactical objectives challenges and more

* Dark Envoy is out now on Steam and GOG, and until 27 December will have 20% off.

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