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‘Spy×Family’ infiltrates PUBG Mobile

In the new ‘PUBG Mobile’ collaboration with the ‘Spy×Family’ anime, espionage-themed cosmetics await.

The popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile is collaborating with Spy×Family to offer a variety of Spy×Family items and sets, alongside a new themed Prize Path, until 12 May 2024.

Spy×Family is a best-selling manga series, and critically acclaimed anime. The uplifting story follows the adventures of Loid Forger, an undercover spy who constructs a family as part of a secret mission. Little does he know, his wife is a skilled assassin, and their newly adopted daughter possesses telepathic abilities.

Items from Spy×Family featured in PUBG Mobile are the Yor Stilettos, Anya Hairstyle, Bond Glider, Bond Ornament, Mr. Chimera Ornament, and a Spy×Family Parachute.

The collaboration includes a new themed Prize Path. After activating the system with a one-time UC spend, players will unlock tasks to earn points towards additional prizes, with the coveted Spy×Family Dacia vehicle skin available as an immediate reward.

Upon reaching Prize Path level 20, players can choose their preferred character’s set as a reward: either the Twilight set, or the Thorn Princess set. Additionally, reaching level 20 unlocks a reward in the form of a treasure chest, which players can open for a chance to acquire the prestigious Bond aircraft. Players who collect all collaborative items and sets will receive an exclusive reward, including a themed social player card, avatar, and avatar frame.

Vincent Wang, head of PUBG Mobile Publishing at Tencent Games says: “We’re excited to provide our players with an in-game experience that not only delivers pulse-pounding action but also embodies the charm of Spy×Family.”

* The free-to-play ‘PUBG Mobile’ is available on the IOS App Store, and Google Play Store.

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