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Enter the monochrome realm of ‘Skaramazuzu’

Strange beings with whimsical personalities await in this mysterious hand-drawn game.

Skaramazuzu is a story-driven game set in a black-and-white shadow puppet world. It takes place among the ruins of ancient gothic-like structures. The slow-paced adventure is cute, creepy, moody, and strange.

In the game, protagonist Zuzu, a joyful and innocent soul without any memory, has been summoned by a mysterious entity called Master, to discover the meaning of their existence. Through this bizarre journey, Zuzu will meet some strange and capricious personalities who offer to help.

Many strange and whimsical characters are waiting to be discovered on this adventure. Every character will be willing to listen and help players and ask for something in return. Some of these strange personalities might turn out to be key figures in the little peculiar adventure. By accepting to help these newfound friends, Zuzu will not only learn a little about each one of them but will eventually learn the truth about this strange world.

Key game elements include:

  • Explore over 20 distinct interconnected locations of a strange and dark world.
  • Full support for keyboards, and controllers.
  • Collect and give items with an easy-to-use inventory system.
  • A vast collection of over 20 creepy and cute characters.
  • Distinct sound effects for every interactive element.
  • A dark, atmospheric original score accompanies the players on their journey.

Skaramazuzu is available on Steam for R100.

* Download ‘Skaramazuzu’ here.

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