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Now battle in the PUBG snow

The Version 2.9 update of PUBG Mobile features a Frost Festival, running until 7 January 2024, and an icy new battle zone.

PUBG Mobile, one of the world’s most popular mobile games, is celebrating the holiday season in a festive Version 2.9 UpdateUntil 7 January 2024, players can battle in Snowy Village, a themed area featuring frosty new ways to traverse and take down enemy players.

Metro Royale Chapter 17 is also on the way, and the World of Wonder is getting new objects and improvements, including a Snowy new template.

In the Version 2.9 Update, players can fight in a two-story Ice Sculpture Plaza, and traverse the map in new ways, from Snow Rails to Snowboards. If the battleground still doesn’t seem cold enough, Snowball Blasters will also be available, to turn enemies into snowmen.

Other snowmen can also be found in Snowy Village. Players can come across a Lucky Snowman with three Snow Toddlers hidden nearby. After finding a Snow Toddler, it will follow the player like a pet, allowing them to bring it back to the Lucky Snowman. 

More rewards are available in the Version 2.9 update inside Lucky Ice. Players will need to find the most effective way to break through their icy exterior to get to the prize inside.

Reindeer also begin to spawn on the map. These merry vehicles allow two players to ride together to spread cheer across the battleground. The maps are also decorated for the season with trees full of presents and stockings filled with supplies.

The Version 2.9 Update brings a variety of gameplay improvements, including new additions to the World of Wonder creative mode with expanded PvE options, new Editor enhancements, and a new Snowy Map Template, as well as Frost Festival objects. New ‘Catch Me’ Gameplay Template updates are being added, along with Skill Management Device improvements which introduce skills related to transformation gameplay.

A new Royale Pass Ace will be available from 14 November to 13 January 13 next year. Players can complete RP missions to increase their rank, and receive rewards such as new custom colour outfits, snowbike and reindeer finishes, and more.

Download PUBG Mobile for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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