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Sony teases new Cinema Line

The new Cinema Line cameras from Sony are focused on enhancing live broadcasting and remote operation.



Sony has announced the launch of its Cinema Line series – a range of new camera products for content creators that will bring together enhanced image quality and advanced technology. 

“This Cinema Line is designed to deliver Sony’s coveted cinematographic look, cultivated through our extensive experience in digital cinema production,” says Murat Gebeceli, head of digital imaging for SOMEA. “Our new range will offer content creators enhanced operability and reliability, engineered to meet their various needs.”  

The new series extends beyond the basic cinema camera and professional camcorder form factors and places Sony’s acclaimed digital cinema technology in content creators’ hands. Existing products that form part of the Sony’s Cinema Line range include Venice, which has become the first choice for digital movie production and FX9, which has an outstanding track record in documentary production.  

Sony’s cinema camera line dates to the year 2000, with the release of the HDW-F900. The HDW-F900 marked the beginning of digital cinema history as the world’s first 24p digital cinema camera. Venice and other products soon followed in response to countless dialogues with cinematographers and image creators.  

“The next step in our Cinema Line range is a new model that will appeal to a wide spectrum of visual creators,” says Gebeceli. “Sony will be releasing and shipping this next addition to the range, the FX6 camera, by the end of 2020.” 

While Sony remains tight-lipped on the specifications of its new FX6 camera, it will most likely complement those who are needing a smaller form factor than the FX9 when filming. 

Each of the Cinema Line cameras will evolve with user feedback. The FX9 version three upgrade, available in 2021, will see the addition of the S700PTP, allowing remote control of the camera, a Centre Scan mode for Super 16mm lens, B4 Lens support with its adaptor as well as other features. The Venice camera will receive additional features in its V6.0 update, scheduled for November 2020, which will improve its operability in broadcast and live environments. 

“At Sony, we celebrate and have the deepest respect for filmmakers, cinematographers, and storytellers,” says Gebeceli. “Our new Cinema Line taps into our DNA to develop new creative tools for content creators in both the film industry and the digital imaging consumer market. This line of products will enable creators to push their creative boundaries even further and capture emotion in every frame.” 

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