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Sonic Mania and Braid lead Netflix gaming in May

Five games are releasing on Netflix this month, with ‘Sonic’ having sped on last week, and ‘Braid’ launching today.

Five new games launch on Netflix this month, led by Sega’s Sonic Mania Plus last week (7 May 2024). Today (14 May) sees the next start button being pushed as platformer Braid, Anniversary Edition releases on the streaming service, with an exclusive level for Netflix members. 

Later this month, gamers will be able to start playing Paper TrailKatana Zero, and Netflix Stories: Virgin River on the service.

In Braid, Anniversary Edition, players travel from a city house through a series of interconnected worlds where time behaves strangely, searching for an elusive princess. Along the way, players will explore the haunting memories and regrets of the protagonist Tim. This award-winning platformer remaster features fully repainted high-resolution graphics, new sound effects, and audio commentary. 

Paper Trail is a cozy top-down puzzle adventure, which was named Best Mobile Game at Tokyo Game Show. It is set in a foldable paper world where one plays as Paige, a budding academic who is leaving home for the first time to pursue her studies. On this journey, players uncover secrets, explore new areas, meet characters with memorable stories, as well as solve puzzles by folding the environment and merging the two sides into one. It will release on 21 May.

Netflix Stories is adding to its growing catalog of interactive fiction games based on hit Netflix shows with Netflix Stories: Virgin River in the last week of this month (29 May). Players escape to the comfort and beauty of Virgin River to find romance and camaraderie where one least expects it. Interact with characters and make choices that help discover what’s been missing in life: community, fulfillment and, ultimately, true love.

Katana Zero, with its 16-bit visuals and retro aesthetics, is a stylish pixel art neo-noir platformer. Play as a samurai assassin facing breakneck action and instant-death combat. Attack enemies with a sword, or whatever else you can find, to avoid obstacles. One can choose how to respond in conversations that drive the story forward between levels. It does not have a release date but arrives this month.

All Netflix Games are included with all Netflix memberships without ads or in-app purchases.

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