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Solar Opposites season 4 invades Disney+

The Shlorpian alien family returns for the fourth season of ‘Solar Opposites’, available now on Disney+.

The fourth season of the hilarious adult animated science fiction sitcom Solar Opposites has finally arrived on Disney+, with a significant change to Korvo, a main character previously voiced by Justin Roiland. 

The series follows the lives of the extraterrestrial family after their escape from their doomed home planet just before its explosion.

Without spoiling the plot, viewers can expect to hear a new voice to Korvo, one by Dan Stevens. However, Korvo, Terry, Jesse, Yumyulack, and The Pupa will continue to get into all sorts of new comical misadventures. The aliens will continue with their attempt at living on a foreign planet, our Earth, but that does not last long with their crazy family.

Some sneak peaks into season 4 include:

  • Terry, Korvo, Jesse, Yumyulack, and The Pupa experience new character developments while settling into their new Earthly roles and exploring unexpected hobbies.
  • The trapped human society of the ‘Wall’ continues experiencing intriguing twists and challenges.
  • Delving deeper the mysteries of the enigmatic SilverCops, which may hint at potential spin-off possibilities.

Despite a change to Korvo’s voice, one can expect the same fun-filled shenanigans of the Shlorpian family in new adventures in season four, streaming now on Disney+.

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