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LDV pick-ups coming
to South Africa

Debuting in SA with the T60 pick-up, LDV is a member of the SAIC family, Chinese vehicle partner to GM and VW and owner of brands like MG and Maxus.

Look out for a new shape and brand on South African roads: LDV is entering the South African market with its T60 pick-up, and headquarters in Sandton, from where it will serve a national network of dealers.

LDV is part of SAIC Motor, the largest vehicle manufacturer in China and one of the ten largest vehicle manufacturers in the world.

SAIC is a Fortune 100 global company and the Chinese vehicle partner to General Motors and Volkswagen. It is also the manufacturer of the top-selling Chinese brand Roewe and the owner of global brands MG, LDV and MAXUS.

The company sells more than five million vehicles in China alone and it exports to most regions across the globe, including Europe, the USA and Australasia. In 2023, SAIC and its various electric vehicle brands cornered over 13% of the global electric vehicle market. This included over 100,000 vehicle sales in Europe.

The LDV brand is well-known among global vehicle enthusiasts. Born in the United Kingdom in 1896, the brand has evolved and changed over a century to become Leyland DAF Vehicles in 1987. It later became known by its acronym, LDV, which has since become its registered brand name.

LDV is best known for its pick-ups, SUVs and vans. LDV Automotive Australia sold over 21 000 units last year, with the T60 range of pick-ups feature as top-seller among entrepreneurs and small businesses.
Following the announcement of its new manufacturing plant in Europe, SAIC signed a partnership agreement to support the luxury Audi brand with its IM EV platform for future all-electric vehicles.

SAIC Motor currently has three global innovation centres based in Silicon Valley, USA, London in the UK and Tel Aviv in Israel. The company also has three international design centres based in London, Munich in Germany and Tokyo in Japan.

In South Africa, the Maxus brand is already well known after entering the market as the preferred electric commercial vehicle brand for Woolworths home delivery services. Many of the commercial vehicles in use under this agreement will soon be available in their internal combustion form from LDV South Africa.

LDV South Africa will open its showroom floors with a comprehensive model line-up, starting with a selection of T60 double cab pick-ups in May 2024. It will offer a comprehensive 5-year / 200 000 km factory warranty and a 5-year / 100 000 km service plan as standard, across the product range of SUVs, vans and pick-ups.

“Few vehicle brands can lay claim to the track record and history of LDV,” says Ockert Conradie, general manager of LDV South Africa. “On a global scale, SAIC and its family of vehicle brands such as LDV dwarf other Chinese vehicle manufacturers, and on a regional scale LDV has already firmly proven and established itself in right-hand drive markets such as Australia and New Zealand, where it is a very popular brand.”

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