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Think, Mark! Invincible S2 is here

The second season of the Amazon Prime original ‘Invincible’ is out now, and we hope Mark has done his thinking.

The second season of Invincible, an adult animated superhero series, starts streaming on Amazon Prime Video today. The series revolves around 17-year-old Mark Grayson, who is just like every other guy his age, except his father is the most powerful being on the planet, Omni-Man. As Mark’s own latent powers awaken, he is confronted with the weighty mantle of being a hero, and its accompanying dangers.

The series comprises of compelling character dynamics, awesome animation, and its bold exploration of mature themes, encompassing graphic violence and intricate moral dilemmas. American actor Steven Yeun lends his voice acting talent to bring the protagonist to life. You might recognise his voice from The Walking Dead (2010-2016), Minari (2020), or Final Space (2018–2021).

Season 2 picks up after Mark discovers that his father, Omni-Man, is an extraterrestrial being who plans to conquer Earth. The cataclysmic confrontation between the two in the final moments of the first season cast an aura of ambiguity around Mark’s fate. 

New challenges now await Mark, including the emergence of a new alien menace, the return of familiar nemeses, and the growing possibility of romance with his fellow superhero, Atom Eve.

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