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Samuel L. Jackson stars in Shaft – Netflix Original

Netflix has launched the no-frills, bad-ass action comedy, Shaft, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Regina Hall and Jessie T. Usher. The film also has a great soundtrack, mixing new and old hits.

Click below to watch the trailer, stream the soundtrack, and read more about the movie.



The legendary Private Investigator John Shaft II (Samuel L. Jackson) joins forces with his son, cyber security expert JJ Shaft Jr (Jessie T. Usher), to scour the streets of Harlem, New York and uncover the mysterious death of his best friend.

Shaft offers audiences a brilliant juxtaposition on the old school charm and new school cool, showing us that Generation X and Generation Y can co-exist in a perfect world. The soundtrack is evidence of this co-existence, as it is filled with tracks ranging from the king of trap Quavo to the sophisticated sounds of James Brown and The O’Jays. The 27-track Shaft: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack also features 16 original tracks by the Grammy Award-winning composer, Christopher Lennertz.

The following soundtrack has been provided by Netflix:

The film is now available to stream on Netflix.