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Samsung unveils 
256TB SSD 

The new ultra-capacity solid state drive was the highlight of the Flash Memory Summit in Silicon Valley.

Samsung Electronics unveiled a new 256TB SSD at the Flash Memory Summit (FMS) in SIlicon Valley last week.

The new SSD, which is based on QLC NAND technology, is the industry’s highest-capacity SSD to date. It offers a significant increase in storage capacity over previous generations of SSDs, while also consuming less power.

The 256TB SSD is designed for use in data centers and other high-performance computing environments. It can store up to 256 terabytes of data, which is enough to store the entire contents of the Library of Congress 16 times over. The SSD also consumes less power than previous generations of SSDs, making it a more energy-efficient storage solution.

In addition to the 256TB SSD, Samsung also unveiled a number of other new storage solutions at FMS, held in Santa Clara, California. These include the PM1743, a PCIe 5.0 SSD that offers twice the power efficiency of its predecessor; the PM9D3a, a PCIe 5.0 SSD with industry-leading performance, power efficiency, and reliability; and the PBSSD architecture, a petabyte-scale ultra-high-capacity solution that provides high scalability by varying the capacity depending on the application.

Samsung’s new storage solutions are a significant step forward in the development of high-performance, energy-efficient storage technology.

Yong Ho Song, corporate EVP of memory solution product and development at Samsung, said: “Our new 256TB SSD is a major breakthrough in storage technology, and it will help our customers to meet the growing demands of the data-centric era.”

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