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Skyworth launches SA’s first 100″ QLED Google TV

The new SUF958P uses QLED technology to offer vast colour depth and a high-contrast display.

Skyworth has unveiled the largest 4K QLED Google TV in South Africa. The new SUF958P, showcased at the Megatech Global Tour Launch in Johannesburg last week, boasts a 100″ infinite screen, using QLED technology to offer vast colour depth and a high-contrast display, thanks to Chameleon Extreme 3.0 and a 120Hz refresh rate at 4K. Flicker-Free technology means eyes are protected from invisible flash and screen flash.

2.1.2ch sound and Dolby Atmos deliver immersive audio with 3D object movement, making one feel in the heart of the action.

“Our new products will not only bring excellent features, but will also offer an experience that will meet and exceed all customer expectations,” said Skyworth South Africa GM Rita Mo.

In a first forthe brand, it has teamed up with a BMW Group company, to create the BM series products, featuring an array of diverse technology home appliances. Luxurious BMW features the brand is known for have been seamlessly integrated into Skyworth products, from an OLED TV to a multi-door fridge and two washing machines.

The launch included a wide range of other home appliances, including extra-large capacity multi-door refrigerators, table fridges, and a variable frequency direct-drive washing machine.

A new Skyworth audio system pairs with the TV to provide an enhanced immersive surround sound experience. It can also be used independently for an exceptional audio experience.

Skyworth also launched a 24” Portable Google TV. Nicknamed “Follow Me”, as it can accompany the user anywhere, from road trips to camping getaways. It promises four hours uninterrupted playback time on battery.

Mo said that Skyworth had a strong manufacturing base and supply chain system in South Africa, allowing the company to become the first TV brand locally to introduce borderless screens and launch the first OLED and 100-inch Android TVs.

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