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Samsung refreshes ultra-wide monitor lineup for remote work

With dual screen workflows becoming the norm, Samsung has updated its ultrawide monitor lineup with adjustable height levels for a comfortable experience.



Samsung’s latest high-resolution monitor, the S65UA, features a 34-inch widescreen with 21:9 aspect ratio to enable multiple views at once across web browsers, documents, and messenger apps at once.

The desktop screen lets users multitask without any extra accessories or clutter on their desks, and its ergonomic stand design lets one customise setup according to their home working environment.

Upcycling-friendly packaging

After purchasing new electronic devices such as monitors, the packaging boxes and materials remain once the installation is complete. The S65UA comes with upcycling-friendly eco-packaging, meaning one can transform the monitor’s packaging into various practical tools, including objects for pets and small furniture.

The next step is to install the monitor itself. The monitor comes with a stand base, stand neck, power cable, HDMI cable, and USD Type-C cable.

The S65UA comes with a variety of port types to allow for different types of connectivity. In particular, the USB Type-C port can be used to connect portable devices like smartphones and laptops. With a single cable, users have up to 90W charging and fast 10Gbps data transmission alongside display output.

Customisable height with an ergonomic stand

Even if a device possesses the best performance, if it doesn’t match the user’s posture or field of sight, it will become uncomfortable to use. The new monitors come with a Height Adjustable Stand (HAS), which lets users adjust the height of the monitor by up to 120mm. To do that, users must hold the connecting part of the stand at the back of the monitor and move the monitor up and down to smoothly adjust the height of their screen.

The S65UA also comes with a swivel feature that lets users rotate the monitor to each side by up to 30˚ to further enhance their productivity. This feature also helps users utilise the space they have more effectively.

Sitting in front of a monitor for a long time can put unwanted pressure on one’s body – and a lot of this has to do with one’s posture in front of screens. If a user becomes used to slouching with their neck leaning forward, the surrounding muscles can become stiff and painful. With the tilt functionality of the S65UA, users can find a suitable angle to keep them sitting straight and reduce the pressure on their muscles.

In times like this when the home has become blurred with the workplace, the ‘best monitor’ has evolved to become the one that is able to be flexible in response to the user’s environment and delivers the best performance wherever it may be.