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Samsung launches 5G Galaxy A-series devices

The new Galaxy A52 5G features a 120Hz display, a quad camera set up with optical image stabilisation, and fast 5G connectivity.



Samsung’s new mid-range segment inches closer to flagship territory, with the addition of features like high refresh rate screens, advanced camera tech, and 5G connectivity.  

The star of the show, the Galaxy A52 5G, features (as the name suggests) 5G connectivity and a whopping 120Hz refresh rate. It’s backed by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G 5G to enable high-speed performance to accompany the high-speed connectivity. 

It also released an LTE variant, the Galaxy A52, which features a 90Hz display and the Snapdragon 750G. The Galaxy A72 has similar specs, except it swaps out the macro lens for a 3x zoom lens.

Samsung provided the following infographics, which break down the features of its latest A-series devices: