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Mysteries continue in ‘Reyka’ S2

Detective Reyka Gama will return in the second season of M-Net’s primetime crime drama series early next year.

Reyka is “a drama that sears itself into your consciousness”, says the UK Independent. The critically acclaimed crime series has earned four South African Television Awards. Now, prepare for more mysteries in the upcoming second season.

Detective Reyka Gama who has been seconded to the Durban Harbour Police Station is tasked with solving a series of murders at Lover’s Lane, a coastal lookout spot where couples are targeted by an enigmatic killer. Kim Engelbrecht stars as Reyka, and is renowned for her roles in The Flash and Dominion.

The assailant’s method is described as cold and clinical when dealing with male victims, yet he displays remorse, and even protectiveness, towards female victims. As the killings capture national attention, Reyka faces the challenge of solving the case before the province’s International Water Conference, drawing additional pressure as the city prepares for the influx of conference delegates.

Reyka’s past adds a layer of complexity to the narrative as she is haunted by the torment of her earlier experiences with Angus Speelman, a farmer who kidnapped her in her youth and is now institutionalised for sex offenses. The Scottish immigrant is played by Game of Thrones actor Iain Glen.

The series introduces new characters, including Detective Ayanda Jali, played by award-winning actress and musician Samkelo Ndlovu, who becomes Reyka’s partner and a source of courage and support. Despite Reyka’s precarious mental state and complex personal life, she is determined to apprehend Durban’s latest predator.

The cast includes Pallance Dladla as Zee, Reyka’s boyfriend and social justice vlogger, and Frank Rautenbach as Captain Leon Lombard, head of the search and rescue unit, with whom Reyka shares a romantic attraction.

Reyka season 2 delves into the murkier depths of Durban from 11 January 2024, at 20:00 on M-Net (DStv channel 101), as well as live-streaming on DStv Stream. Viewers can catch up on DStv Catch Up after the broadcast.

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