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Red Bull releases Moto racing game

Red Bull Media House has released Dirt Bike Unchained, a free game for iOS and Android, and features fast bikes with stunning visuals.



Red Bull Media House has released Dirt Bike Unchained, a free mobile game that’s available on iOS and Android. The game was developed by the team behind the most downloaded mountain bike game on mobile, Bike Unchained 2. The latest title treads new ground with a series of game modes, customisation and in-game mentorship with icons of the dirt biking world, including Laia Sanz, Jorge Prado and Cody Webb. 

Dirt Bike Unchained offers mobile gamers a digital dirt biking experience with console-quality graphics. Players can experience firsthand the adrenaline-fuelled action and breathtaking speed of off-road racing, with friends or solo, as they tear through tracks and trails with their mentors guiding them along the way.  

The game was developed to offer an intuitive pick up and play experience, digital dirt bikers can unleash epic jumps, powerslides and tricks, and become masters of dirt bike racing. Gamers can also customise their bike and rider with some of the biggest moto brands in the world including epic gear from KTM Bike Industries, Leatt, Thor, 100%, Alpinestars and KINI. 

Players can develop their skills and master tricks and stunts, leveraging the best bikes, athletes and gear in the dirt biking world as they tear through immersive deserts, swamps and forests.  

The full list of Red Bull athletes featured in-game: 

  • Glenn Coldenhoff 
  • Laia Sanz 
  • Jorge Padro 
  • Sam Sunderland 
  • Jonny Walker 
  • Manuel Lettenbichler 
  • Cooper Webb 
  • Cody Webb 
  • Tarah Gieger 

“I have played motocross games and this is different, it’s more off-road with different kinds of terrains and places and landscapes,” says Laia Sanz, a thirteen-time Women’s Trial World Champion and ten-time Women’s Trial European Champion. “To arrive where I am now I had to work hard and take many steps and to fight to deserve better material, better bikes, and to race a lot, to crash, to win. To see the tracks and to race, to fight against opponents and to improve, reminds me of what I did.” 

Dirt Bike Unchained is now available for free on the App Store and Google Play.