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PUBG Mobile Titans: The Last Stand teaser trailer revealed

It’s a battle between Godzilla and Kong in the latest update to PUBG Mobile, in an event called Titans: The Last Stand.

PUBG Mobile has teased Titans: The Last Stand event that is coming to the mobile game on 25 May. It shared a 20-second teaser trailer that shows a Godzilla vs Kong-inspired theme. This trailer reveals new footage of what players can expect from the update.

Titans: Last Stand is part of PUBG Mobile’s collaboration with Legendary Pictures and will introduce players to a new chapter of the Godzilla vs. Kong story that can be experienced in-game, as part of the Version 1.4 update. 

This event will also see PUBG Mobile step outside the usual gameplay players are accustomed to, introducing dynamic storytelling and interactivity. 

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