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Printing from HD movies

Static, printed images are still very much a part of our everyday lives, and even though prints made from digital HD stills are easily printed, framed and hung on walls, quite often there is a print we want from a recorded HD video. It is for this reason that Canon believes HD Movie Print is a must for any camera user.

The strides in photographic and imaging technology have led to a revolution of sorts: today it is possible to capture your most precious memories, major sporting events and family travels in gorgeous, picture-perfect quality. HD recording in particular has set new standards and according to Abri Kriegler, Product Manager at Canon South Africa, even the smallest Canon digital compact and entry-level SLR cameras today offers Full HD movie mode, with the option to switch between stills and HD video instantly. However, even though people embrace evolution in most cases, static framed images are still very much a part of our lives and affectionately displayed in our homes. For this reason, HD Movie Print has evolved. According to Kriegler, key to the development and release of HD Movie Print has been the cross pollination of photographic technologies in both imaging and output devices. Therefore the software used on a camera to select the best image of a specific moment is incorporated in the printer to simplify selection and printing thereof. “Full HD Movie Print gives users the ability to capture and print treasured moments as stills from full HD video footage captured on Canon’s range of digital SLRs or Canon digital still cameras. Creative effects can also be applied including Merge Frames, where multiple images can be combined to give a sense of motion to the printed photos. The newly introduced Layout Print now also allows movie clips to be selected and a comic-strip effect used to print a storyboard.”” In order to get the most from your HD footage it is important to ensure that you do apply some technique when shooting a particular scene. “”This is particularly important when merging frames to demonstrate a certain motion such as a golf swing. When creating a collage there is some room for error – particularly when it isn’t possible to keep the camera completely still,”” says Kriegler. Ultimately, HD movie print ensures that you can print absolutely everything. Says Heinrich Pretorius, Canon Product Specialist at distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC), “”That said, still images will always offer the highest quality printing, whereas HD footage is ideal for printing up to an A4 size.”” “”The ability to print your HD movies is undoubtedly a massive benefit and represents the continuous strides in photographic technology that have really enabled us to immortalise our dearest memories or important events for years to come.””

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