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Canon creates compact
vlogging camera

The PowerShot V10 is a lightweight camera for that fits in a pocket, while meeting the needs of lifestyle and travel content creators.

Canon South Africa has launched a vlogging camera, the PowerShot V10, designed for creators who want to produce high-quality content without carrying heavy equipment.

The PowerShot V10 includes a range of features, including shake-free 4K UHD movie recording, a high-quality microphone, built-in stand, and 14 colour filters. The camera weighs just over 211g, making it lightweight and easy to carry in a pocket or bag.

According to Canon South Africa’s Product Marketing Manager, Roger Machin, the PowerShot V10 is “the perfect companion for vloggers who want to take their content to the next level.” He said that the device’s impressive lightweight features allow users to capture their content seamlessly without missing any special moments.

The PowerShot V10’s vertical body is a new design for Canon, allowing creators to blend in more easily when recording themselves in crowded places. The centred record button is tailor-made for quick and agile one-handed camera control.

The PowerShot V10 features a large 1-inch CMOS sensor capable of delivering 4K video quality, as well as stills shooting capabilities. Creators can quickly switch up the ambiance using any of the 14 included colour filter effects and Smooth Skin mode, adding cinematic atmosphere to their videos. The Movie Digital IS mode helps avoid camera shake, offering sharper, cleaner footage with more detail and clarity. The PowerShot V10 can shoot in both orientations and record up to an hour of continuous video. Its auto-level feature can help keep videos straight and avoid slanted clips, reducing editing time.

The PowerShot V10 is equipped with two large stereo microphones designed for narration and a third audio noise reduction microphone, for outdoor or urban environments. An optional windshield can be purchased as part of the advanced accessories kit to further improve sound quality in outdoor conditions.

Housed in a vertical body and designed with simplicity in mind, the PowerShot V10 can be operated almost completely single-handedly. The 2.0-inch LCD touchscreen can be flipped to the front, for self-vlogging or recording others, and the built-in stand gives users the option to record free-standing content like cooking tutorials, hauls, or popular formats like ‘Get Ready with Me’, ‘Unboxing’, ‘AMA’, or listicle videos.

The PowerShot V10 is fully compatible with the Canon Camera Connect app, allowing users to transfer videos to a smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi. Built-in image. Canon integration provides temporary cloud storage, from which users can directly transfer their videos to their platform of choice. The camera also features HDMI and USB ports for transfers to a laptop or PC, or to use as a webcam. The device can be recharged on the go via USB-C.The camera includes simplified live streaming capabilities, allowing users to go live to their followers with dedicated menu options for live streaming on YouTube and Facebook.

The PowerShot V10 can be purchased as part of two different bundles. The standard kit, which retails at RRP R9,699, includes a power cable, soft case, lens cap, windshield, and wrist strap. The advanced kit, designed in collaboration with Small Rig, retails at RRP R11,999, and includes a cage that can be used to attach a ring light or hold an external microphone.

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