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Pink Floyd has announced the release of its first official app called This Day In Pink Floyd. The app is available exclusively through iTunes for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Pink Floyd has launched an app, which is available from iTunes called ‚This Day In Pink Floyd.‚ The app, which includes song notes, trivia, images, videos and even ringtones is designed to keep Pink Floyd fans entertained on their iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.

The app was launched to coincide with the new ‚Immersion’ box set and ‚Experience’ 2-disc version of ‚Wish You Were Here’, plus a new single disc album ‚A Foot In The Door: The Best Of Pink Floyd’, the app is the comprehensive guide to the group’s career, using Pink Floyd trivia and facts covering the group’s entire history. THIS DAY IN PINK FLOYD also includes free ‚Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ ringtone, newly published photos and graphics and embedded video of ‚Point Me At the Sky’.

Application includes:

– 100,000 words

– 366 days

– 167 Song notes

– 200+ Quiz questions

– 200+ Trivia items

– 100+ images

– 2 wallpapers

– 1 ringtone

– and a video!

Compiled by the team who run the award-winning This Day In Music, (the web site, book and iPhone App), This Day in Pink Floyd is a celebration of a band who have produced some of the most popular and moving music ever. The app includes:

– Information on the band’s activities for every day of the year, including concert information, studio recording dates, TV performances and dates of album releases and other events.

– The fiendish Pink Floyd quiz with hundreds of interactive quiz questions, scored out of 10, with sound clips for correct and incorrect answers.

– Hundreds of Pink Floyd Trivia facts, accompanied by a moving ‚Dark Side Of The Moon’ graphic and one of two classic guitar riffs from the band’s own recordings.

– Song Notes for every album, including a detailed critique of every studio track released (167 in total) and every Pink Floyd album, plus non-album and miscellaneous tracks. There is also a unique link to play any Pink Floyd track contained in your own iTunes library, from within the app. Or, you can buy the track via iTunes.

– Features Pink Floyd graphics throughout, including newly-published photos from the band’s 1974 and 1975 tours, Storm Thorgerson graphics and photos of Pink Floyd concert venues unique to this app.

Bonus features include: A free ringtone of ‚Shine On You Crazy Diamond’, which is unique to the app.

– An embedded video. The newly restored and rarely-seen ‚Point Me At The Sky’ – the band’s 1968 single, and their last in the UK for 11 years.

The video which was shot at Biggin Hill Aerodrome in Southeast London, is playable at any time within the app, plus there is a link (via WiFi and 3G) to the band’s own YouTube channel for further clips.

– Free Pink Floyd art wallpaper ‚ two classic images from the covers of ‚The Dark Side Of The Moon’ and ‚Wish You Were Here’.

– Links to the official Pink Floyd stores for all their music, merchandising and sheet music.


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