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New Canon EOS R1 to include AI

The full-frame mirrorless camera has a new image processing system which draws on AI to improve auto focus.

Canon is set to launch a full-frame mirrorless camera as the first flagship model for the EOS R System equipped with RF mount. The EOS R1, expected to be released during 2024, includes an artificial intelligence (AI) auto focus enhancement. 

This camera will improve the performance of both still images and video in comparison to the EOS R3, and meets the requirements of professionals for fields like sports, news reporting, and video production.

The EOS R1 employs the newly-developed image processor DIGIC Accelerator with the pre-existing processor DIGIC X. The new system, composed of these processors and a new CMOS sensor, enables a large volume of data to be processed at high speeds and to deliver advancements in auto focus (AF).

Canon has achieved quick and accuracy subject recognition by combining the new image processing system and deep learning technology. For example, subject tracking accuracy has been improved so that in team sporting events where multiple subjects intersect, the target subject can continually be tracked even if another player passes directly in front of them. 

The action priority function recognises subject movement by rapidly analysing the subject’s status. In moments during a sports game when it is difficult to predict what will happen next, this function automatically determines the player performing a certain action, such as shooting a ball, as the main subject, and instantly shifts the AF frame, thereby helping to capture decisive moments of gameplay.

The combination of the new image processing system and deep learning technology will help to improve image quality. Canon implements the image noise reduction function, which has been previously developed and improved as part of the software for PCs, as a camera function to improve image quality and contribute to user creativity.

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