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SA credit cards for Samsung apps



Samsung South Africa has announced that its Samsung Apps store for Android devices has officially gone live, with a credit card payment option.

South Africa is the first country in Africa to support purchase on-device via a credit card, proving the increased importance smartphones are playing in the local market, as well as the need for content relevant apps.

Says Adrian Lee, Mobile Content Lead at Samsung SA: ‚In an aim to continuously meet the needs of our growing mobile users, at Samsung we are proud to now offer Android device consumers the credit card payment option for applications as a more convenient way to access the content they want on their devices instantly and with ease.‚

As the smartphone continues on a path of success, applications for these devices are being developed continuously, where being able to pay for such content in a more viable way is adding to the overall smarter experience these devices offer. ‚At Samsung, we are proud to be a part of this revolution for Africa, adding value to our customers’ overall smartphone experience,‚ concludes Lee.

To learn more about how the credit card payment works on Samsung mobile devices for Android, please click on the following link for a video tutorial:

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