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Philips launches two new pocket projectors

Philips has added two new pocket projectors to the PicoPix line – the Micro 2 and Max One – with improved stereo sound and long battery life.

After launching the PicoPix Max last year, Philips is expanding the pocket projector line with more affordable devices.

Philips says it focuses on 4 key elements: ease of use from the initial setup, minimal fan noise, a great image, and clear sound. The projector’s UI has been reworked from scratch to deliver an easier-to-use interface. The fan speed is now controlled by a special algorithm made to optimise the speed, reducing the noise by 20% and protect the projector’s core components.  

The image and sound have also been fine-tuned by cinema professionals and acoustic engineers to deliver an immersive experience in a small and pocket friendly design.  

Philips provided the following product descriptions: 

PicoPix Micro 

The current PicoPix Micro comes with 3 new fresh colors: Poppy Red, Winter Blue and Deep Black. Pocket friendly, 480p, mini HDMI, built-in 3h battery and speaker. 

Size: 76 x 74 x 34 mm  

Weight: 215g 

The PicoPix Micro is priced at $200 and available in Europe now. 

PicoPix Micro 2 

Successor of the PicoPix Micro, the PicoPix Micro 2 is brighter, with stereo speakers and offers a longer battery life. With 480p resolution and a weight of only 600g, the projector offers video playback via USB type C video and HDMI ports. The built-in 2x3W speakers offer stereo sound and the built-in 12,000 mAh battery can last up to 3hours. 

Size: 138 x 110.5 x 51 mm  

Weight: 600g  

The PicoPix Micro 2 will be priced at $300 and available in Europe in late November. 

PicoPix Max One 

The PicoPix Max One displays video at full HD 1080p, and thanks to the TI DLP and 4 channel LED, picture and colours remain lifelike and text stays clear. The built-in 5 hour battery gives users the time they need to binge watch TV shows in the bedroom, finish them in the living room, and move them to the kitchen or outdoors for a family gathering. With an electric focus, digital zoom, auto-keystone, and 4 corner correction, the projector doesn’t need manual adjustment to get a picture up. The USB Type-C video port delivers data, audio and video and allows users to connect laptops (Mac and Windows Ready), smartphones or tablets. The projector is rated to last 30,000 hours of use. 

Size: 134 x 136 x 47 mm  

Weight: 850g 

The PicoPix Max One will be priced at $530 and available in Europe in late November. 

No local availability has been announced.

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