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Pegasus Dream Tour hosts Avatar Gala Party

The first video game of the Paralympics ‘Pegasus Dream Tour’ is kicking off a virtual concert series to celebrate the upcoming games in Tokyo.



The Pegasus Dream Tour, the first video game by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and developed by JP Games will be the stage for the Avatar Gala Party, a virtual live concert series that will take place inside the video game’s setting of Pegasus City. Four popular Japanese artists will perform themed concerts in RPG fashion with the intent of impacting the world in a positive way. The first of these four virtual musical events will take place starting today, 19 July. 

Artists will come together to promote positivity and social good inside The Pegasus Dream Tour Avatar Gala Party

The Avatar Gala Party is a mini live concert series held inside The Pegasus Dream Tour, where artists and fans alike come together in avatar form. The artists will arrive inside the game’s virtual setting of Pegasus City, to promote the cause of social good to fans through their live concert events.

The popular acts Tokyo Gegegay, Pikotaro, Virtual Dreams Come True, and J Soul Brothers III have from the onset, shown their support for the key concept of what has become the world’s first Paralympics video game. Now, the players have their own opportunity to contribute to the betterment of society by simply participating in the Avatar Gala Party and making each interactive live concert event a success. 

For 2 weeks between the start of each event and the day of the live concert, players can help build the concert venue for each artist by playing minigames. New interactive experiences await players, such as call-and-response emotes (for a greater sense of unity during the live concert), and a backstory whose climax involves both the artists and fans to join forces and prevent the concerts from being annihilated.

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