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Catch a Cryptic Killer in new co-op game

Players must rely on teamwork to survive the ‘Parallel Experiment’ point-and-click story.

In the upcoming two-player puzzle game Parallel Experiment, players take on the roles of detectives trying to catch the infamous Cryptic Killer. Success hinges on teamwork and communication with one’s partner to solve a series of challenging riddles. The game boasts hand-illustrated environments inspired by classic noir novels.

The two detectives, Old Dog and Ally, who have narrowly escaped the Cryptic Killer’s trap, are now closer than ever to uncovering the truth behind the enigmatic murderer.

Their investigation leads them to a mysterious, underground laboratory in the heart of Krakow, filled with fiendish puzzles and hidden dangers. Separated from each other and exploring different areas of the lab, the pair must rely on their wits and seamless communication to solve mysteries and escape unscathed.

As they delve deeper into the case, they’ll uncover shocking revelations and connections that will bring them face-to-face with their greatest challenge yet.

Parallel Experiment releases later this year (2024), and will be available on Steam, App Store and Google Play. It is the second standalone chapter to Cryptic Killer, developed by indie game studio Eleven Games.

* Visit the website here.

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