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CES: See your conversations

Subtitles meet glasses in real time, with AR smart glasses aimed at transforming the lives of people – especially the hearing-challenged.

The XRAI Glass augmented reality (AR) app that allows users to “see” conversations is being demonstrated at the CES 2023 tech expo in Las Vegas this week. 

Their software turns speech into subtitles in real-time, revolutionising the lives of the deaf and hard of hearing. The features of the glasses expand usability, allowing everyone who wants subtitles to enjoy them in daily life.

The features, as provided by XRAI Glass, include:

  1. A personal assistant for your eyes: XRAI Glass has a ground-breaking intelligence system which enables users to ask questions such as, “Hey, XRAI, what’s the weather like today in London?’ – with the answer instantly appearing as subtitles on the glasses. By utilising cutting-edge deep learning technology, including Large Language Models (LLMs),  Its personal AI assistant is far more powerful and effective than the current generation of voice assistants on the market.
  2. Recall conversations ‘on demand’: Playback conversations that happened the other day because you missed something? This feature enables users to ask questions, such as, “Hey, XRAI, what groceries did mom ask me to get in our conversation yesterday” and will pinpoint the answers from the conversation, presenting the summary as subtitles via smart glasses.
  3. Transcription and translation in multiple languages: The glasses are able to transcribe and subtitle conversations in nine of the world’s most spoken languages: including English, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and Italian, with more languages to follow.

The XRAI Glass app is available to download from the Google Play store and is compatible with the Nreal Air Augmented Reality glasses, which are available from Amazon.

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