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Temperatures rise in ‘Valheim’ update

The fiery Ashlands biome and its dreadful master define endgame difficulty for the survival game.

The exploration and survival game Valheim has released a biome update which introduces the Ashlands. The new biome is relentless and redefines what difficulty means in Valheim

While a significant portion of the enemy forces consists of reanimated dead known as the Charred, far more dangerous foes lurk. Among these are the Fallen Valkyrie, and the monstrous Morgen.

While the Valkyrie roams the skies with her fury, the Morgen prowls the scorched earth in search of prey to sate its eternal hunger. Other foes such as the new kind of Necks called the Asksvinand the winged Voltureslie in wait to ambush unsuspecting prey.

A horde of new enemies calls for an arsenal of new weapons with which to slay them. Harvesting the unyielding flametal will allow Vikings to craft new weapons such as the Slayer greatsword, Splitnir spear and Ripper crossbow that can further be enhanced by upgrading them with jade, bloodstone and iolite gems that will grant them primal powers of nature, blood and storm.

Weapons will not be all that Vikings will craft, though – the Charred’s power lies in the fortresses in which they have entrenched themselves, and siege weapons will be necessary to bring those black walls down. Catapults and Battering rams can now be built, expanding combat and giving players the tools necessary to lay siege to fortresses found scattered across Ashlands.

“We didn’t want to just release another biome but with fire instead of mist,” said Andreas Tomasson, producer at Valheim. “Ashlands is supposed to feel like a struggle, and players should expect a challenge.

“Every inch of territory you claim has to be earned, and every outpost has to be reinforced before you venture deeper. We’re entering endgame territory here, and players need to be ready for what comes in the Deep North.”

* ‘Valheim’ is available on Microsoft Store, PC Game Pass and on Steam Early Access.

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