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Adventure unfolds in ‘Paper Trail’

The puzzle game about a young academic’s quest features foldable world mechanics.

Paper Trail is an adventure game set in a paper world wherein players solve puzzles by altering the level’s environment. Paper Trail will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X│S, Nintendo Switch, and the Netflix mobile app on 21 May 2024.

In the game, players join Paige on her adventure as a young academic who sets out on her first journey away from home. Players can manipulate the environment by folding and tearing the paper landscape to solve puzzles and advance through the distinctive 2D paper world.

The game features diverse landscapes from mysterious caves to majestic treetops. Each environment is rendered in a distinctive art style inspired by printmaking and watercolours.

It offers an engaging narrative, enriched by a diverse cast of characters, each with their own compelling stories. As players explore the intricacies of the paper world, they will encounter these characters, uncovering deeper layers to the game’s storyline.

The game is developed by Newfangled Games, the BAFTA-winning team behind HuePaper Trail has received recognition for its innovative gameplay and storytelling, with over 38 awards and accolades including “Best Family Game” at the Gamescom Awards and “Game of the Year” at Reboot Develop.

* Visit the official ‘Paper Trail’ website here.

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